Customizing Your Chainsaw: Aftermarket Bars and Accessories

When cutting and edging those hard tree logs, one of the versatile pieces of equipment comes into the picture: a "chainsaw." Be it shredding, limbing, or cutting down for emergency situations, a chainsaw has always been a smart and portable saw. With the advancement of technology, chainsaws have become more efficient and effective. Now, one can easily customize a chainsaw bar to match one's needs with aftermarket bars and accessories. By customizing your chainsaw bar, you can get more out of your saw and increase its efficiency. 

Why customization is so important for your chainsaw? 

Customization occurs when you know your equipment needs upgradation and new resilience that can facilitate your working. Customizing your chainsaw parts allows you to get the most out of your saw, as well as increase its lifespan. Additionally, it provides you the opportunity to customize the features to fit your exact needs. 

Advantages of customization

Enhanced Performance: Chainsaw customization can significantly improve the performance of the tool. Upgrading components like the engine, bar and chain can result in faster cutting, cleaner cuts, and reduced wear and tear on the chainsaw.

Reduced Operator Fatigue: Customization can make the chainsaw more ergonomic and user-friendly. Lighter bars, anti-vibration systems, and comfortable handles can reduce operator fatigue during long hours of use, improving both safety and efficiency.

Improved Safety: Safety is a top priority when using a chainsaw. Aftermarket safety accessories and features, such as chain brakes, chain catchers, and protective gear, can enhance your overall safety while operating the tool.

Longevity: Investing in high-quality aftermarket parts can increase the lifespan of your chainsaw. Durable bars, chains, and engine components are less likely to wear out quickly, saving you money on replacements and repairs.

Personalization: Chainsaw customization also offers a chance for personal expression. You can choose accessories in various colors, patterns, and designs, allowing your chainsaw to reflect your personality or match your other equipment.

Aftermarket Equipment Benefits

Duke's Dual Port Muffler Cover Fits STIHL

With aftermarket equipment such as bars, handles, ignition coils, or other chainsaw accessories, one can improve the longevity and efficiency of the chainsaw, making it more durable and stronger than before. One of the main advantages of aftermarket equipment is that it is made with the precision to be fit and customized with any chainsaw brand, unlike the branded ones, which tend to be rare and super expensive. 

Aftermarket chainsaw equipment is also easier to maintain and repair, as you can easily find the parts you need rather than having to rely on a manufacturer. This has allowed chainsaw owners to customize their chainsaws with features that are tailored to their individual needs. Furthermore, aftermarket equipment is usually cheaper than branded ones.

Sawsalvage Special Edition: Right for your Chainsaw 


Foorester Bar and Chain Fits STIHL Large Mount 20" 3/8 .050 72DL

The Forester Bar and Chain is a great aftermarket product known for its quality and reliability. This chainsaw set includes a durable laminate bar paired with a sharp chain, ensuring optimal cutting performance. Designed to fit multiple Stihl models, such as the 029, 030, and 031, this 20" 3/8 .050 72DL bar and chain set is a dependable choice for those seeking precision and longevity in their chainsaw equipment.


The Duke's Full Wrap Handle Bar Fits STIHL 064 066 MS660 HOLZFFORMA G6601122 791 5501

The Duke's Full Wrap Handle Bar is a high-quality aftermarket replacement part, faithfully developed as a replica of the original. It effectively replaces damaged or worn-out components, restoring them to a like-new condition. Featuring a full wrap handle design, it's compatible with multiple models, including STIHL 064, 066, MS660, and Holzfforma G6601122, making it a versatile and dependable choice for chainsaw enthusiasts. 


In conclusion, customizing your chainsaw with aftermarket bars and accessories can significantly improve its performance, increase its longevity, and provide a personalized touch. With the variety of aftermarket equipment available in the market, you can tailor your chainsaw to your exact specifications, making it easier and more comfortable to use. So, if you're looking to get more out of your chainsaw, consider customizing it with aftermarket equipment and experiencing the difference.

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