How My Interest In Chainsaws Began

Back in 2005 we had a winter storm here in Western Pennsylvania that dumped 2 feet of snow over the region. Numerous people were without power, my family included. This was the catalyst for my interest in chainsaws.

We were left without power for a week and had no means to stay warm. My wife, daughter and I stayed at a family member's house for the duration and I'll never forget coming home the night the power came on to a kitchen and bathroom full of water from broken pipes and my well subsequently pumped water into our home. A few days later someone had offered us a wood stove and so began the journey. With no practical knowledge of woodcutting and burning I ended up with a small Craftsman/Poulan chainsaw. A neighbor came to help one day and he had a Jonsered 2165 and at that juncture I was convinced that Craftsman was not the saw I needed but the Jonsered was.

Not for $600+- though!

I began to browse Craigslist and picked up a Jonsered 2149 that needed a little bit of work. I didn't know a whole lot at the time, still don't, but I was willing to learn. From there it went to McCulloch saws, and so on and so on!

That was the beginning of my journey with chainsaws.

As time went on I learned to repair my own saws and became interested in the history of these companies.

Let us help you fix your old iron!


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