Duke's With Cabers!

Hello everyone! We are excited to launch our new product line here at SawSalvage: Duke's Kits With Cabers. We believe these kits offer a value that is not typical of the standard cheaper kits available on the market.  It is our thought that the added durability of the Genuine Caber rings adds another layer of value to these kits.   Since we work directly with the manufacturer it is clear to us exactly where the cylinders come from and we can count on a consistent product to offer our customers.

Caber Rings are of Italian origin and are widely understood to meet or exceed OEM standards for consistency and quality.  Caber is the sister company to Meteor Piston and these rings are the same as featured standard on Meteor brand pistons.

We are committed to quality here at SawSalvage and we believe these kits are a great blend of quality and affordability.


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