Thank You for Checking In at Saw Salvage

We specialize in new and used parts for all makes and models of chainsaw.

If you have any questions about fitment, quality or pricing please ask.  Generally speaking the price structure is based on quality.  If you see 3 cylinder kits for the same model of saw you can bet that the best quality ones are the most expensive and the lower quality ones are the least expensive.  The unbranded kits marked as top quality are indeed the top quality kits offered by the manufacturer and are quite nice.


Type your chainsaw model in the search box above, everything we have available will show up for it.  We've worked quite hard at getting everything categorized for fitment.  Or feel free to browse by category at your leisure!

We are dealers for the following

  • Meteor Piston and Cylinders
  • Hyway Quality Chainsaw Parts
  • We also carry a large variety of unbranded aftermarket parts

We also work with various other vendors around the world do get good quality parts we can offer for a reasonable rate.  If we don't have it we can get it, just go ahead and ask!

The other thing is that I will not allow a customer to be unsatisfied with something if there's something I am at fault about. Quality of parts is a major concern and if there is any issue with a part it is documented prior to sale, if you find something wrong with it upon receipt I'll make it right and that's it.

When it comes to new stuff I only choose to deal in the highest quality stuff.
When it's used stuff I have no real control over how it looks, I can only clean it so much.

But what I can do with the used stuff is this:

  • Clean it well
  • Inspect it for damage
  • Report any damage and price it to reflect that
  • Make singular listings for each and every cosmetic part and have detailed images, especially of damage

My business model simply does not work without the customer purchasing products, so I reciprocate with them by providing good service, accurately described parts, repair information and prompt shipping.